Bonus slots vs online slots for money. Who wins?

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We all love free games, and online slot machines are no exception to the rule, but what exactly are they? Well, most of the online casinos around the world let players try their skill against free slot machines. Of course, the wins are not real, and you can’t fill your pockets with cash, but you get to see how the casino game works, the mechanics, the plot and features and decide, in the end, if that’s the casino game that suits you.

Play online slot machine

Beginners and low rollers often prefer to play bonus spins online slot machine since they are not confident enough to invest real cash which they may lose. Practising on a free slot is the best idea until you figure how it works and gains some more experience.

You can play a no deposit bonus slot game 24/7 without having to worry about losing cash, and with the new technology, you can even play on the go since most of these slots have mobile compatible versions and can be played on smartphones, tablets and even on smartwatches or smart TVs.
There are millions of free slot machines online, all of them with different graphics themes, gameplay and rewards. Let’s see the main difference between them.

Progressive jackpot games

First of all, we have progressive jackpot games. A small portion of every single win that a player makes in that specific online slot goes into a total pot and continues to grow until someone manages to claim it and the whole process starts again. This kind of online slot machines has a downside because regular wins are not all that great and you may end up losing a lot before you manage to hit the progressive jackpot. It doesn’t matter when you play them, so you only get to see how progressives work without losing a single penny.

The non-progressive slots have a fixed amount which you may win if you manage to land the specific number of symbols in a lucky combination.
Once we have settled the progressive and non-progressive machines, let’s talk a bit about the gameplay of free slot machines. Free slot machines came a long way since 1970, and some of them evolved to have astonishing visuals and 3D effects while others remained very simple and appealing to all nostalgic players.

Classic jingles and dingdongs

If you love classic jingles and dingdongs that trigger for a winning combination or the flashy effects of a classic slot, casinos all around the internet have a fair number of choices in their library.
On the other side, for those who like plots and a perhaps a story behind their game or fantastic sound effects in the background, there are slot machines with pirates, animals, Aztecs, Egyptians, aliens and spaceships and anything you can imagine. You just can’t count them all. There is a free slot for everybody.

We could talk a bit about high paying slots and low paying slots or the so-called, penny machines but we are in the free zone today. Taking into consideration everything above, it’s time to look for your free online slot machine.

Waiting for players

Endless online casinos wait for players to join and give a shot and a spin, and you won’t be out of options. Many of them allow you to play without any account, but some require a form of registration before allowing you to play, even without investing any money.
The next step is to decide on your favourite game or games, classic or modern, progressive or non-progressive and start knowing your game.
Some say it’s all about luck, while others say it’s a bit of skill involved in the mystery world of these games. No matter which one it is, you have to get to know the mechanics before rushing in with your wallet open and start throwing your money around. The dream will become a nightmare and gambling with fate will soon become rather unpleasant.

Go from scratch, take what you can and give nothing back. I’m sure that once you enter the fantastic world of online slots, you won’t be able to stop until you try most of them and that’s a good thing, but remember always to do it without investing money before the day you may cash out a big pile of cash.

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