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While people are always searching for new things, there are some that take the test of time and pass with flying colours. We’re talking about the oldies but goldies that we go back to every time we can no matter if we’re talking about games, songs or movies.
These oldies but goldies are masterpieces, classy and original and even though to some they might seem outdated regarding graphics or whatever, they are still the once that lead the way for future evolution.
This is the case with slot games. While there are countless slot machine games you can play and the major software providers come up with at least one new addition per month, there are some casino games that will never be forgotten.

Short history of classic slots

We’re talking about the classic slots. Before online slots and video slot machine games were even a possibility, the classic slots were created. It all goes back to the late 19th century when the first slot machine was invented and it grew in popularity. You didn’t need any strategies and complicated rules all you had to do was pull a lever and hope to get lucky.
The first slot was called the Liberty Bell a and it had one payline, 3 spinning reels and 5 symbols: diamonds, horseshoes, spades, hearts and the Liberty Bell. The next slot machines to appear were the ones that featured fruit symbols on the reels. These fruit machines didn’t give you money if you won, not in the beginning at least, and you could win bubble gum (if you landed cherries you would get cherry flavoured bubble gum and so on).

What are classic slot machines?

Even to this day you can find classic slot machines in a casino, but since you are reading this we think that you’ve probably decided to switch to online gambling. Well, when software providers realized how big the internet was and what possibilities it offered, they decided to start making their casino games fit for online play.

This means that most, if not all, the casino games you can play in a brick and mortar casino are also available online. Including classic online slots. These slot machine games are different than the first slot machine ever created. This is because most manufacturers gave up on the whole lever system and even in real casinos they now use a button for this.

Apart from this, what you get in a real casino you also get in the best online casinos. You’ll see that all classic slot machines have similar features to each other. Once you’re a pro gambler, you will be able to say which slot machine is a classic or fruit machine and which one is a video slot machine.
For starters, the main difference between video slots and classic ones is that video slots use 5 or more reels, while the classic ones only have 3 reels.
Then, video slots have several paylines (5, 10, 20, 30, 50 even  1024) and the classics which usually have a single payline that goes through the center of the reels.

When it comes to themes and symbols, you will see that the video slots can have different themes like vampires, movies, underwater, Egypt etc. and classic slot machines don’t really have not or if they do they mainly focus on fruits, money and winnings.

This is why the symbols change for both of them as well. In the video slots you’ll have symbols that fit the theme along with 9 to Ace card deck symbols, while the classic slots will have the traditional symbols: fruit, lucky sevens, bars and bells.

Another difference between the two is that classic slots offer a simple, clear game with no special rules and no bonus games (usually) there will be no wilds, scatters or multipliers. These are all used in video slots. Classic slots don’t have special symbols in general, and if they do they will most likely have a wild and maybe award some free spins, but not overly complicated bonus round.

Classic slots can have a progressive jackpot, but while in video slots this will be triggered randomly, in classic slot machines you will have to land a specific combination of symbols to get it.


By comparison, classic slots are the most uncomplicated of all the types of slot machine games, but this makes them so easy to play and understand. The fun is in the simplicity and the nostalgia that they bring along.
If you’re playing for real money you stand a chance of winning some impressive sums and at the same time, they are great even when played for free because you will understand with ease how slot machines work until you venture to the newer, more complicated versions of casino games.

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