What’s better? Video slots vs classic slots.

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Slots came a long way since 1970 when players used to put a coin inside and hit some buttons or pull a lever.
The modern so-called video slots machine was invented somewhere in the late 1970s but since then it’s come a long way.

The internet and all the technology available now allow for players to enjoy their favourite video slot machine anywhere. You don’t have to travel anymore to the local gambler’s den to put in some cash and enjoy a quality time. All you have to do now is login on your PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet, smart TV or even smartwatch and just test your skill with some spins.
Basically, any online slot is a video slot since it’s played on the screen of a device, but there is a difference. The term video slot separates the classic slots with jingles, ding-dongs, fruits and sevens from all the fancy, good looking casino games out there.

Video slots for any taste and gender

Gambling companies that produce these online slots came up with themes for any taste. A gambler can find themes with pirates, Egyptians, Aztecs, space and even zombies. The new technology makes them easier to produce and hosting them online removes any kind of space expense. That means more wins for the player and an increased number of online slot machine games that appear on the market each month.

Nine or more lines are usually used in a video slots games and you’ll find some mini-games once the gambler triggers a specific combination of symbols. This makes the game much more entertaining and gives a bit of a boost to wins.
Up to 100 symbols may be present on the reels of online slots, most of them ranging from the classical 9 to Ace playing card symbols and theme-related icons with vampires, ships, race cars or gunslingers of the wild wild west, depending on which theme was chosen for the online slot.

More chances to win on reels

Reels also vary in numbers from three to five but usually, the modern fancy video slots use five and sometimes more. There is a myth according to the number of reels. If you play on five reels, you get more chances to win. That’s not necessarily true. Usually, this kind of online slots bonus has more symbols and therefore landing a lucky combination is equal to landing one with fewer symbols on three reels one.

Of course, there are players that remain faithful to the classic ones and prefer the feel of a real button instead of clicking for a spin. However, for the rest of them, the mobility allowed by the online medium is increased.
There is also the privacy benefit of playing online, where your identity can remain hidden. Even today, there are some places where gambling is not seen with good eyes or gambling in that specific country is illegal so the only option is an internet-based casino.

The choice between video slots and classic slots

Beginners also turn towards online video slots when they start dancing with faith and spin their luck. The possibility of trying multiple slots for free before deciding what’s good for them is a good way to practice without losing money.
There isn’t a right choice between video slots and classic slots. It all comes down to a matter of taste. Nostalgic players will turn to the classic ones while beginners or the young ones will head towards the online slots drawn by the astonishing music effects, animated symbols and breathtaking graphics.

But, what good is technology if we don’t use it? So go on, find yourself mobile casino and start spinning some reels until you find that Holy Grail of video slot machines.
Once you do that, gamble safe and don’t forget the common sense in betting. You never know when sweet Lady Fortune may give you a kiss or steal all your money. It’s not all about winning or losing when you are playing video slots, it’s also about the pleasure of gambling and having a great time.

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